Hiltar Makina is a company that started the sector with fertilizer production in its history and was born by analyzing the needs of the sector while it was in the sector, unlike its competitors. HILTAR MAKINA, which has signed many projects since its establishment in Eskişehir in 2012, provides the right support for both fertilizer production and employee training after the establishment of the facility, in addition to making turnkey projects to fertilizer production facilities with its experienced engineer staff; by correctly directing investors who are just starting to the sector and acting in accordance with the needs of the company throughout the process.


With its innovative approaches to waste recycling, Organic-Organomineral Granule and Liquid Fertilizer production facilities, it is among the leading organizations in Turkey with its contributions to agriculture and the environment, design, design, material analysis, machine equipment manufacturing, installation of the facility, commissioning and service services, as well as providing consultancy services on the fertilizer production facility project.


in its factory with a total area of 10,000m2, including 5000m2 closed, it provides high-quality, long-lasting and innovative production services to its customers with extensive manufacturing opportunities.


Your dream is our reality.

  • We can create a constantly changing integrated management system in line with our Vision, Mission, Principles and Values.
  • We can provide our customers expectations in the best possible way with our customer-oriented working approach.
  • We can support and develop the talents of our employees with innovative ideas and training, thus ensuring the development of creative thoughts.
  • We can develop innovative, sustainable, profitable and process-compliant projects for the sector.
Project Potential

We analyze the potential of your project with our expert teams for you in accordance with your needs.

Small or Large Investment

We provide production optimization that will maximize your profitability by reducing your costs without separating them into small or large investments.

The Region where the Facility will be Established

We offer alternative location selection and logistics support to the physical and geographical features related to the region where the facility will be established, as well as the maximum profitability of raw material resources in the region.

Which Raw Material

We guide you about which raw materials will be produced with which fomulation and what you will need in these processes, and provide support to ensure the most accurate choices and production.

Technology That is Renewed Every Day

By following the updated technology every day, as we develop ourselves, we offer this technological detail in the machine processes of your plant and in all other stages without compromising on quality with our entire engineer team and complete your facility turnkey.

If You Wish, Your Facility Installation

If you wish, after the installation of the facility is completed, we train the people you have chosen or whom we will direct as Hiltar Academy in order to provide you with the best service and provide you with suitable employment.

Besides All This

In addition to all these, we also offer our resources to your service in terms of fertilizer formulations and production suitable for your needs. Because your dream is our reality.


HILTAR MAKINA continues to make a difference by making turnkey projects at fertilizer production facilities with its experienced engineer staff.

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